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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Kids love to bowl, being allowed to roll a ball to towards a target and knock it 
down takes skill and is fun to do.  You can take a trip to the local bowling 
alley or try these variations of the game that can be played at home - inside or 
outside the house.

If you have ten plastic soda bottles in your recycling box, fill the bottom with 
a small amount of sand or small pebbles.  Put in just enough that they will 
stand sturdily on their own but not too much that they are hard to knock over.  
And any ball that you have will do, the larger the ball the easier the game is 
to play.   Soccer balls and beach balls are ideal but if you really want to make 
it difficult you can use a baseball too.

Try to bowl on your kitchen table using a balloon as the ball and something very 
light as the pins (such as building blocks).  Instead of rolling the balloon try 
and blow it hard enough to move across the table and knock down the blocks.

For a version all kids will get a kick out of use yourself as a bowling ball.  
Somersault towards the targets (plastic pins you can buy at the store or the 
homemade version with pop bottles) and try to knock down as many as you can.  
Kids will think that this is hilarious, especially if mom and dad give it a try 

If you do go to the bowling alley to play a game, ask them to put up the bumpers 
for the kids.  These are inflatable sections that fit into the gutters so the 
children do not get a gutter ball.  They will cut down on frustration for the 
younger and new bowlers.

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