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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tips to Finding the Perfect Collector Car Club

When you are in search of the perfect collector car club there are always several considerations that you need to take into account.  Many clubs have specific cars that they focus on, while other clubs tend to limit their membership to only people who live in certain areas.  In addition, there are always different personalities and people who can alter which club is best suited to your needs.

If you are simply looking for something that is just a casual once in a while occurrence you are not likely to enjoy a club that has a weekly meeting requirement.  Yet if you are looking for frequent meetings you are not going to be happy with a club that only meets on occasion.  Ensure that you are comfortable with the meeting schedule that is in place, and always be sure you know if the meetings are mandatory, or whether they are optional.  There are some clubs that do require you to attend meetings, while others do not require the meetings to be attended.

You need to also carefully look at the club. Some clubs are designed to be organized and highly professional, with specific meetings that are required, and certain events that are required.  Other clubs are more flexible and are geared more towards the light car hobbyist.  Ensuring you know the type of club you are looking for will ensure that it fits your needs perfectly.

One important aspect of the car club that most people tend to overlook is the members themselves.  You may not immediately realize it but the type of members the club attracts can have a huge impact on your overall satisfaction with the club.  If the club is geared heavily towards those who only light hobbyist then you are going to want to be a light hobbyist yourself.  If however the club is geared heavily towards older adults, then you are going to want to fit in as well.  Look for a club that either has open membership to a widely diverse group, or find a club that fits your exact needs and personality.  It will generally take a bit of work to ensure that you are completely comfortable but it is well worth the effort.

You need to ask about any specific membership dues, as well as time requirements.  If you are a busy executive with barely enough time to think then you are not likely to be able to fulfill a busy schedule of required events.  This is just a plain and simple determination based upon your schedule.  Never commit yourself to more than you can reasonably handle.  If you have the time to spend, then the activities that the car clubs offer can be a great way to learn more about cars, enjoy your leisure time and really maximize your membership.-

If you are a female looking for a car club you may want to spend the time looking around for a club geared towards women.  While there are far fewer clubs, you can usually find help and support that a men’s club just cannot offer.  Many women are finding that by grouping together they can better learn about cars at their own pace, as well as enjoy the more feminine aspects of the classic and collectible car.  

Overall, choosing a good car club is going to be heavily dependent upon your own individual needs.  The club that is best suited to your friends may not be the perfect match for you.  What fits best for you in terms of needs and scheduling as well as the benefits that the club provides to you is very important in order to really ensure you are getting the most possible from your collector car club membership.  Most people enjoy the time they spend searching for the car club of their dreams, but more importantly they are thoroughly excited when they find the club that best matches their needs.

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