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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Movie Day

Its summer time and you don’t want the kids cooped up in the house in front of the 
television set.  But a day here and there is not going to hurt and it could be a sanity saver 
for you on a wet and cold day.

Make it a planned event.  Go to the video store and let each child pick out their own 
video.  Make sure the ground rule is set.  They can pick out their own videos but have to 
agree to watch what the other children pick out too.  Make sure to pick up some popcorn 
if you don’t already have some at home.

Set the mood; let the kids create their own movie theatre in the living room.  Their movie 
theater can take the form of a fort, lawn chairs, or whatever else they can think up to 
make themselves comfortable for the movie marathon.

As the parent you will have to be in charge of the concession stand.  Popcorn is a given 
but also have some healthy snacks on hand to satiate their appetites.  Vegetable sticks and 
sandwiches are easy to make and if you are letting them eat in front of the television they 
won’t make a big mess.

When children are in front of the TV for extending periods of time their energy gets pent 
up and they are going to need a way to release it.  Come in between movies and have a 
stretch or exercise burst to shake away the sillies.  It can be just like the 9th inning stretch 
at baseball games.  Play follow the leader in the house or do jumping jacks – make it fun.

When the rain stops, send the kids outside.  You will find they won’t ask for TV as often 
with a few of these days thrown in each month.

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