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Monday, January 20, 2014

Collectors Car Clubs of the Past

Wondering about some of the changes that have occurred with car clubs in the last few years?  There are numerous, after all as lives go on and technology improves people change as well.  What was once fulfilling and satisfying barely meets anyone’s needs now and the car clubs have all been forced to adapt and adjust as well.  This means that the clubs that in the past were the top of the line have also had to adjust in order to meet the needs of members.

Those clubs that did not evolve have all subsided and closed, while new clubs appeared.  In the past, many people felt that a car club was only useful for an occasional organized drive and of course participating in only local car shows with.  This would generally be a monthly activity that took place for a few hours and usually just involved the members of the club.  Today’s clubs still take drives, however they tend to occur on a weekly basis now, and are completely voluntary.  Additionally the drives are usually very short, or else cover the course of an entire weekend and members are encouraged to bring their entire family along for the adventure.

Additional changes that have occurred include membership fees and acceptance.  In the past, most clubs accepted almost everyone who applied and there were few if any that charged membership.  Now there are very few that accept everyone who applies and the majority charge at least a small membership fee to help defer some of the costs that the club has.  From organizing events to even making some charitable donations many car clubs have a few bills that must be covered somehow.  In the past, the clubs were not very well organized.  People would simply meet together, possibly wear a jacket that was identical to other members and have a small sticker that they placed on their car.  Times have changed and membership often means so much more now.

Car clubs of the past typically involved only men.  Women were almost never around cars, after all in the old days the woman’s place was in the kitchen cooking or taking care of children, never out in the garage with the men.  Today’s car clubs have women who are members and car enthusiasts themselves.  The numbers of women who are members have grown dramatically in recent years and continues to grow even more.  There are even some clubs that limit membership to only women to help encourage and foster the love that women have for cars.  

People also tend to demand more now than they ever did from memberships and clubs and to help adapt many have worked out deals with businesses and services that are useful to the car owner, which allows members to receive a discount.  This is something that car clubs in the past never worried about, yet most clubs offer some form of benefit.  The benefits that each club offers varies greatly, and even the amount of the discounts that each club has available varies from club to club depending on the deal worked out but you can usually find something that is beneficial to you.

You can only imagine how car clubs of today will compare to those of tomorrow.  At this point in time collector’s car clubs have changed so dramatically that they are so vastly different and likely more changes are in store as the clubs continue to adapt to life.  People always love cars, after all the power and thrill of creating a car from the ground up or even restoring an old and tarnished car into the masterpiece that car enthusiast’s love is always thrilling and likely will not disappear anytime in the future.  In addition, working on cars is a great way for families to bond and it creates the need for people to get together and learn, show off their cars and admire the work of others.  Car clubs have thus far stood the test of time and will continue to do so in the future.

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